1500 MMR Loss Over The Last 2 Months Blamed On Bug That Lasted A Few Hours

A Dota player is attempting to save face today after blaming his 1500 MMR loss over the past few months on a bug that lasted a few hours.

The ex-Legend player had been receiving an increasing amount of flak from friends, initially attributing his lowering medal to unbalanced matchmaking and smurfers in every game.

However, today he has taken the opportunity to jump on a bug that lowers MMR each time the game is opened as his excuse for the decreased rank in an attempt to save himself from humiliation.

The man’s friends were not buying the excuse though, telling him to not pick support Anti-Mage and mid Pudge if he wants to stop bleeding MMR.

“I know how good Anti-Mage is this patch,” the player replied. “I just go 4-0-4 and run at them, I saw Zai do it once so it must be good.”

“This bug has really set me back, but I know I’ll be able to get back to Legend easily. I’m much better than these scrubs with the same MMR as me.”

At the time of press, the man was seen restarting his Dota client constantly, attempting to be part of the lucky few who gained MMR from the bug.

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