Ana Seen Fleeing Into North Korea To Avoid Dota Community

Two time The International winner Ana has been seen “relocating” into North Korea to avoid the Dota community after his big win back in August 2019.

The 20-year-old announced he would be taking an extended break this year after going back to back with TI wins, however there was pressure mounting on him to attend True Sight this year with his OG teammates.

Reports from North Korean media is that the star carry was observed fleeing across the DMZ in an attempt to get away from the media and Reddit circus surrounding OG at the airing of True Sight in Berlin, Germany.

Ana had been staying in South Korea with his girlfriend, destroying Legend scrubs with friends as he had enjoyed doing most in Dota prior to being forced to destroy professional players at The International.

However, after being constantly ganked by paparazzi during his break, the legend slayer decided it would be best if he camped in North Korea for a while.

While crossing the border into North Korea, he ran into several military personnel defecting the brutal regime who asked him if he was going the right way.

It is unknown at this stage how long Ana will stay in North Korea; however it is known that he will receive some training from Kim Jong-un who is the best Dota player in the world according to North Korean media.

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