Bartender Left Confused After Gamer Asks For GFuel Energy Formula At Bar

A Washington DC bartender has been left extremely confused this evening after being asked for a G Fuel Energy Formula drink by a local gamer at his bar.

Jared Smith, from the prominent West End neighborhood owns a regular bar that serves regular drinks such as beer, scotch and whisky.

A gamer who goes by the handle “SgtMorningWood” entered the bar wearing his trademark fedora and approached the bartender.

“Just a pineapple G Fuel in a Dr. Disrespect shaker cup thanks,” the gamer said to the bartender at the bar. “Shaken, not stirred.”

“Sorry, a what?” The bartender replied. “I’ve never heard of that.”

At this point, the gamer who had a prominent neckbeard, started to look frustrated.

“You don’t support FaZe?” he said, taking off his fedora. “Are you some kind of normie?”

After googling the product, the bartender informed SgtMorningWood that he did not have the drink available.

Extremely angry, the gamer threw his chair down and stormed out of the bar, getting his unusually long trench coat stuck in the door on the way out.

An Aimbot Media reporter was at the bar after a hard day at the office and witnessed the exchange, chatting to Jared as he was closing up for the night.

“The whole thing was strange,” the bartender told us as he was putting chairs on the tables. “He was mumbling something about ruining his 42nd birthday.”

SgtMorningWood did not respond to our calls for an interview, instead sending a message saying he was halfway through a Neon Genesis Evangelion marathon and would not be able to talk.

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