Bernie Sanders: Everyone Is Equal, Except Those Who Call Link 'Zelda'

Bernie Sanders has today clarified his position on his “everyone is equal” movement that has swept the nation, claiming there are exceptions.

Sanders told a packed crowd in Massachusetts today that those who call Link from the hit series “The Legend of Zelda” Zelda are in fact not equal and should be sent to Death Mountain crater without a Goron Tunic.

The announcement sent the crowd into a wild and thunderous applause, with several throwing their rupees in the air to celebrate.

The Senator from Vermont had been under pressure in recent days to clarify his “everyone is equal” position, after several questioned its legitimacy with people still in the world who mix up Zelda and Link.

The boy from Kokiri Forest has been constantly confused with the titular character from the series, Princess Zelda, despite being the hero and playable character in the game, much to the disgust of fans worldwide.

Experts have said that this announcement is Bernie’s “drawing the Master Sword” moment and is a big step in securing the Democratic nomination.

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