Boomer Who Spends All Day Arguing On Facebook Says Kids Need To Get Outside

An angry boomer has today come out and said that kids need to get outside and play instead of sitting inside playing video games all day.

Malcolm Lane, 67, ironically made the comments after spending the whole day inside arguing on several Facebook news posts and groups.

“Kids these days are just glued to their video games,” Lane expressed in a status on the popular social media website.

“Back in my day, we went out and socialized and only came home when the sun went down!”

“Now all these little shits do is play video games on their playboxes.”

Lane shares several posts on Facebook each day of how this generation is ruined and back in his day things were a lot harder.

He also feels that he can’t say anything these days, all the while saying whatever he wants with no repercussions.

“Obama is a Muslim piece of shit!” One of the comments read.

The boomer is a part of several left-leaning Facebook pages where he spends the majority of his day arguing against climate change, Liberals and gun reform.

Lane uses a picture of a hunting rifle as his Facebook profile picture.

When not arguing with millenials, he is perched on the couch, drinking a dangerously unhealthy amount of beer and playing Candy Crush.

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