Cities: Skylines Modder Expresses Displeasure After Highway Ramp On Way To Work Has Abysmal 9% Traffic Flow

A highly regarded Cities: Skylines modder has today expressed his disapproval for his cities traffic flow whilst driving to work, pissed off town planners have confirmed.

Jordan Mayhew made the comments in a strongly worded email to town planning officials after arriving at work 10 minutes late, not holding back on the abuse.

“The state of the highway is disgraceful. Did a monkey place those intersections?” the email began. “Not only that, do you even think about where you are putting commercial and industrial zoning? The deliveries block the traffic, they need to be removed.”

“You guys need to download a few mods and change up the intersection’s give way signs and traffic lights to help improve traffic flow.”

Mayhew continued with his rant, saying that the population of the city has unlocked the Cargo Harbor, but it is yet to be bought and implemented.

He also found the lack of trees on the road extremely amateur.

Closing out the email, the modder bragged that he has created several 3 level roundabouts that have perfect traffic flow and are space efficient.

The email resonated with town planning officials, who began to make several changes immediately based off the message.

Late this afternoon, a bulldozer was seen knocking down several commercial and industrial businesses without warning.

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