Insiders at Big Ant have confirmed that the game studio is considering using Donald Trump as one of the main commentators on their next release in their popular cricket games series.

The news came after footage of President Trump struggling to pronounce the names of some of India’s greatest players while visiting the country began circulating on social media.

Social media users were quick to mock Trump’s pronunciation of the name of legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

‘Soo Chin Ten Duhl Kerr??’ tweeted one user. ‘Sounds like the specials board at my local Thai restaurant had a baby with a Dothraki horseman.’

However, insiders at Big Ant have revealed that Trump’s speech has impressed ‘the right people’ within the studio.

“This has been a huge day for us,” revealed a studio insider. “We’ve definitely copped a lot of criticism over the years for our repetitive commentary tracks.”

“Trump is exactly the person we need to come in and right the ship.”

“This could not have come at a better time,” admitted another source. “We’d even been desperate enough to consider a combo of Michael ‘Nose Beers’ Slater and James Brayshaw – and absolutely nobody wants that.”

“Given the fact that Channel 9’s scheme to clone Richie Benaud is still about 10 years away from fruition, Trump is exactly what we need as a stop-gap,” the source continued.

“Honestly, I’m feeling like we could be looking at the best cricket game since Shane Warne Cricket 99.”

While it’s early days yet, a Big Ant insider suggests that a team has already been assigned to creating a cricket crash-course for President Trump, which will cover all the basics from sandpapering a ball to the low bar required for a Shane Watson review.

While the reports linking Trump to the studio’s cricket series will provide a boost for fans, a release date for the game is still to be confirmed, as the studio is reportedly working on a sequel to their hit game Casey Powell Lacrosse 16, which sold nearly 200 copies.

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