Dota Player Always Rounds Up To The Nearest 1000 When Friends Ask What His MMR Is

A humbug Dota player is quietly celebrating his milestone of reaching 2k MMR last week, as he can now tell his friends he is “almost 3k” when they ask what his MMR is.

The Crusader 4, who goes by the in-game name “Nigma Balls”, won his last game to put him into the 2k echelons, a big boost to his confidence when talking to his friends about the game.

Meeting with friends at the bar this evening, the conversation quickly descended into Dota discussion, as it usually does.

As the conversation drifted towards MMR, the gamer took the opportunity to strike.

“I’m nearly 3k now,” he blurted out to the group, awaiting their approval and admiration for the spectacular feat.

However, the response from the crowd was not nearly as anticipated by the deviant gamer.

“Aren’t you only Crusader? I thought 3k was high Archon,” one replied.

Quickly thinking on his feet, he responded to the allegations.

“Oh, that is my support MMR. My core is much higher.”

The group left the conversation at that, deciding not to argue with a player who insists on picking off-lane Anti-Mage every game.

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