EA Continues To Butcher Star Wars Games Like Anakin Butchers Younglings

EA have continued their rocky handling of their exclusive license to produce Star Wars game by cancelling another game.

Several insiders at EA told gaming media that the game, a Battlefront spin-off, had been cancelled by EA after just over a year’s worth of development at EA Vancouver.

If these industry insiders are to be believed, this makes the 3rd Star Wars game that EA have cancelled since winning the exclusive license to make Star Wars games from Disney.

Some fans of the massive franchise have likened EA’s handling of the franchise to Anakin’s brutal slaying of younglings in the Jedi Temple in Revenge of the Sith.

“It’s a very similar situation,” said one fan. “These games are young, and innocent. They’re looking to EA for support and EA is cutting them down like Sand People.”

Another fan was more direct in his criticism.

“I don’t know why they keep cancelling these games,” he said. “It’s like the company is being run by Jar Jar Binks!”

An EA insider has suggested a more simple reason for the games’ cancellations.

“EA were concerned that the games couldn’t be integrated with microtransactions effectively,” an anonymous EA source said. “After the issues with the Battlefront II crates, they had good reason to be hesitant.”

“It’s a shame, but I don’t think the losses in wasted development will bother them too much,” the source continued. “I mean, in the time we’ve been talking, they’ve probably made another million in FIFA Ultimate Team.”

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