EA Forced To Declare Bankruptcy After 3 Gamers Boycott The Company

EA has sensationally been forced to declare bankruptcy today after 3 gamers boycotted the company for their deceptive and predatory loot box practices.

The CEO of the company today announced to shareholders that the gaming giant had been crippled by the boycott, and that they would be unable to continue trading.

“Today we regretfully announce the liquidation of Electronic Arts and its subsidiaries,” the CEO announced tearfully at a press conference. “While the business had been performing very well, these petitions have dropped our revenue by nearly $12.50.”

The boycott was initiated after a video game connoisseur received an in-game prompt to purchase a loot box in an EA game, which he claimed was a violation of his rights as a gamer.

Beginning a petition and posting it to Reddit, the thread quickly gained momentum and shot to the top of the front page with over 16k upvotes.

Comments calling the incident a ‘disgrace’ and a ‘social injustice’ were highly upvoted.

Despite the large number of upvotes, the petition itself only received an additional 2 signatures, which was enough of an arrow to the knee to bring the corporation to the ground.

The outgoing EA CEO later announced that CDPR, makers of hit games such as The Witcher 3, would be purchasing the rights to ‘a significant amount’ of EA’s intellectual property in an effort to get the games back on track.

The EA CEO also announced that the petition and subsequent internet outcry had caused him to re-assess his personal values, and that he planned to pursue a much less revolting career as a professional baby seal slaughterer.

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