EA Sports is reportedly fuming after the transfer of Gedson Fernandes to Tottenham has made his Road to the Final card significantly more desirable.

Insiders at EA HQ reported that the transfer of a cheap, decent card to arguably the most popular league in the game has left EA scrambling.

“We’ve been in and out of crisis meetings all day,” a source at EA revealed. “One department head was walking around the office this afternoon muttering ’10k for a solid CM with good stats and a strong link to Cancelo and Bernardo Silva’ over and over.”

“It’s not good. Why couldn’t he go to West Ham like the papers promised last week?”

While this transfer has left a lot of players feeling pretty happy, not everyone was pleased with the news.

“This is an absolute travesty,” one FIFA player complained. “Who am I going to use to link my IF Acuna to my RTTF Bolasie?”

“Everyone knows using players from the ‘Big 5’ leagues is just try-hard,” he continued.

Of course, the transfer doesn’t necessarily mean that Fernandes will get changed to a Spurs card – Tottenham have to either win their first game against RB Leipzig, or win the tie overall for the card to become a Tottenham card.

“There’s still a chance he may not change, and I think the managers here are counting on that,” another source at EA said. “Safe to say there are a lot of new Leipzig supporters in the office today.”

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