An EA spokesperson has confirmed that FIFA 21 Champions Cup qualifiers will be increased to include Lizard and Spock if and when match-making problems occur during tournament qualifiers.

The announcement came after a game of ‘Scissors, Paper, Rock’ was used to determine the winner between Shaun “Brandsha” Galea and Hasan “Hasoo19” Eker at an official FUT Champions Cup event last weekend.

Brandsha and Hasoo19 had been scheduled to play each other but were unable to connect via matchmaking due to server issues that plagued FIFA 20 over the weekend.

Unable to connect and at risk of missing their ‘match-up window’ that EA enforces in the qualifiers, tournament officials decided the pair’s tie by using a virtual round of ‘Scissors, Paper, Rock’.

A statement by EA Sports endorsed the tournament officials’ decision.

“We are thrilled at the level of initiative shown during the server outage by our FUT Champions Cup Officials over the weekend,” an EA spokesperson said yesterday. “Using a randomly generated game of ‘Scissors, Paper, Rock’ to determine the outcome of a FIFA eSports Match, rather than skill, is very much in line with the company’s values.”

“I mean, a game decided by luck rather than skill is basically FIFA 20, just without all the extra steps.”

“The only improvement going forward will be to introduce Lizard and Spock, to make the games slightly more challenging and worthy of the high bar that we set for ourselves for FIFA 20.”

Insiders at EA have also confirmed that this will now be the preferred method for any future FUT Champions Cup qualifiers.

“Elephant in the room – people only watch the FIFA eSports tournaments for the Twitch Drops,” one EA source revealed. “By reducing the tournaments down to games of ‘Scissors, Paper, Rock, Lizard, Spock’, it’s basically the same product in a fraction of the time.”

“The design team has already whipped up a concept Leonard Nimoy Icon Card,” revealed another insider. “It’s a brilliant concept – people will spend a lot of money trying to pack that bad boy.”

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