Fighting Game Amateur Who Won Pro Tournament Found To Be Just Mashing Random Buttons

A fighting game amateur is making headlines today after discovering the industry secret after winning his first professional tournament.

Roscoe Yang revealed his burning secret to the world in an interview with Aimbot Media, which experts say will shake the genre to its core.

Yang won the tournament flawlessly, after a heated group stage and tense final series against the current rank number 1 player.

The 27-year-old, who goes by the handle “Cassius Clay”, is a poised and phlegmatic gamer that exudes confidence and a hint of cockiness wherever he goes, and has only played the fighting game for a few weeks.

However, when asked about how he acquired his skills in fighting games so quickly, Yang laughed at the notion of having actual skills.

“These games are simple. Mash a few buttons randomly and you will get huge combos,” Yang responded. “I don’t even know the combination to any combos, they are like 12 buttons long, I haven’t got the time to remember that.”

Other fighting pros are expected to call out Yang for revealing the “industry secret”, which experts say could bring the legitimacy of the genre into disrepute.

“No, of course we don’t know the combinations. We are just really good at mashing, just like the average player mashes, but a bit quicker,” one other pro told us under the condition of anonymity.

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