Valve Advises That The Best Place To Seek Refuge From Coronavirus Outbreak Is Abandoned Artifact Servers

Valve has offered a beacon of hope to gamers concerned about the Coronavirus outbreak, offering shelter in the most abandoned and desolate place known...

Google Pays Tribute To Google Plus By Turning Stadia Into A Ghost Town

Google has paid tribute to their long-gone social media platform Google Plus by leaving people on their new cloud gaming platform, Stadia,...

Twitch Streamer Who Hasn’t Left House In A Month Not Too Worried About Coronavirus

A local Twitch streamer who has not left his house in over a month has reassured his viewers that they don’t need to...

EA Forced To Declare Bankruptcy After 3 Gamers Boycott The Company

EA has sensationally been forced to declare bankruptcy today after 3 gamers boycotted the company for their deceptive and predatory loot box practices.

Cricket 19 Devs Considering Donald Trump As Commentator For Next Game

Insiders at Big Ant have confirmed that the game studio is considering using Donald Trump as one of the main commentators on...

New Fighting Game Criticized For Not Having Character That Has Ripped Off Bruce Lee

Critics everywhere have slammed a newly released fighting game after it was revealed that there was no fighter who is a blatant...

EA Continues To Butcher Star Wars Games Like Anakin Butchers Younglings

EA have continued their rocky handling of their exclusive license to produce Star Wars game by cancelling another game.

Cities: Skylines Modder Expresses Displeasure After Highway Ramp Near House Has Abysmal 9% Traffic Flow

A highly regarded Cities: Skylines modder has today expressed his disapproval for his cities traffic flow whilst driving to work, pissed off...

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