Google has paid tribute to their long-gone social media platform Google Plus by leaving people on their new cloud gaming platform, Stadia, high and dry.

Google Plus was launched in June 2011, as part of Google’s effort to challenge the Facebook juggernaut.

Despite an initial strong start, the site began to fade away and was shut down in early 2019.

“Well, like Google Plus, Stadia was supposed to be a real ‘disruptor’ in its field,” an industry expert said. “In the end the only thing it’s disrupted is the wallets of the people who were unfortunate enough to sign up for it.”

Google said that they were pleased to be able to use the experiences they gained over the 8 years of ruining Google Plus while developing Stadia.

“We’re pleased to finally find a place for all the hard-working developers and engineers who poured their blood, sweat and tears into making Google Plus a barely used product,” a Google executive said. “You can really see their experience reflected in the 74 live Stadia users right now.”

“At Google, we pride ourselves on our ability to throw all our energy into a product for a short period of time before abandoning it with little to no warning,” the former VP of Google Videos continued. “Soon Stadia will be like Google Chat, Google Allo and Google Glass – great ideas that were abandoned, condemned to exist only as memories and whispered stories of what could have been.”

Industry experts have suggested that if Stadia continues to lose subscribers at its current rate, it may rival Bing for the unwanted title of least used resource on the internet.

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