I Tried Playing Dota With John Cena But He Kept Picking Riki

After leaving the WWE full time, superstar John Cena has found more free time on his hands, allowing him to take up a new game.

When he messaged me on Discord asking me to play Dota with him, I knew that the complex nature of the game and toxic community would be perfect for him, something he is all too familiar with in the WWE.

However, after several games, our stack isn’t too happy with him having a smaller hero pool than AdmiralBulldog.

Cena has only picked one hero, every low ranked player’s favourite hero, Riki.

With a “you can’t see me” ability, the superstar has gone literally undetected every game due to no one in the Herald rank knowing how to buy detection.

“He refuses to pick any other hero,” one of his stack said when Cena went to lift weights between games. “I want to ban it but that leaves Pudge in the pool and my hard support will pick it.”

Despite the lack of detection from enemies, Cena has an abysmal 33%-win rate on the hero and his MMR is dropping fast, which is frustrating us all.

“I calibrated at 900, now I am down to 500,” Cena said to Aimbot Media. “My supports are trash, what MMR do I get a support who knows how to pull?”

His reasoning for picking the hero is because Undertaker only picks Undying, and he won almost every Wrestlemania match, only losing to Brock Lesnar’s Ogre Magi and Roman Reigns’ Ursa.

Our stack has resorted to asking the enemy team to report him, so that he will be forced to play another hero in low priority.

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