Jerax Forced To Retire Due To Forgetting Steam Password After Holiday

Legendary OG support player Jerax sensationally has been forced to retire today after forgetting the password to his Steam account following his post The International victory holiday.

The Finnish superstar, who has won the last two editions of The International with his teammates in OG, could not remember his Steam password and was unable to recover the account with his email.

“When I set up my Steam account, I used my first email I had as a child,” Jerax told Aimbot Media. “I also don’t have access to that account anymore.”

“The holiday was so long I just forgot it,” he laughed.

The champion support has said he has tried Googling a solution however the Steam system is locked down tight.

Gabe Newell, founder and CEO of Valve software, said that while unfortunate, the system could not be bent for professional players to maintain Steam’s integrity.

It is unclear at this stage what Jerax will do next, however he has hinted at starting a YouTube channel, wanting a sweet “Raid: Shadow Legends” payday, which is rumored to pay more than his TI wins.

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