Kim Jong-un Playing Dota 2 ESL LA Major

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has sensationally qualified for the LA Major while controlling 5 heroes at once, suspiciously forced sources have said.

North Korean media reported their glorious leader had decided to blink into the China qualifier due to the region being nerfed by the Coronavirus.

In the final, Kim disposed of Invictus Gaming 2-0 in less than 20 minutes in each game, even taking the time to send some BM tips and chat wheels from different heroes.

Kim was not afraid to play complex heroes during the qualifiers, drafting himself Meepo, Invoker and Chen in one game.

The decision to play alone came after one of his party picked a position 5 Pudge in a pub game, infuriating the Supreme Leader.

Mysteriously, the party member has been missing since the incident and is nowhere to be found.

It was not well known prior to this qualification that Kim was an avid Dota player, keeping a low profile while playing in pubs.

However, now his Steam profile is known, we can confirm he is ranked number 1 on the North Korean server for both carry and support roles.

As previously reported, 2 time The International winner Ana had fled into North Korea to avoid the Dota community after his second TI win and is receiving training from the master Kim.

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