Little Brother's Crash Bandicoot Save File Wiped For New Tony Hawk Game

Today we take a look back into the Aimbot Media archives, at a sad and tragic gaming story. One that makes us feel privileged and thankful for the memory space we have today.

First reported 14 August 2000

A little brother’s Crash Bandicoot save file has been tragically wiped today after the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater Game needed a whopping four blocks, crying sources have confirmed.

Jay Smith, aged 13 from Ohio, made the instant choice to wipe his little brother’s Crash Bandicoot game over one of his own save files, explaining his decision to Aimbot Media.

“Well, the decision was simple. It was either that or my Gran Turismo 2 save file,” he told us. “I could have asked Mom to buy a new memory card, but Lewis needs to learn a lesson in who runs the PlayStation.”

“This isn’t a democracy. I control the memory card and the DualShock controller. He’s lucky he got the blocks in the first place.”

The boys’ parents have criticized the decision, calling for calm and order in the household.

“Jay has been obsessed since we got him the PlayStation for his birthday a few months ago,” his Mother told us. “Sometimes he just sits there looking at how good the graphics are in the Harry Potter game for hours on end.”

“Lewis just wants to race his brother in Crash Team Racing but Jay won’t even do that.”

“That damn video game machine has caused so many problems in this household,” she continued. “Honestly, it would have been better if it had been blown away by the Y2K bug.”

To restore calm to the household, Lewis received a huge 1MB memory card of his own, which his father says that should be all he needs.

“Game graphics won’t get better than this, there’s no chance save files will ever need more than a whole Megabyte.”

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