Local Deadbeat's Biggest Achievement In Life Is Finishing 'Through The Fire And Flames' On Hard Difficulty

Local deadbeat Darren Smith is today questioning his self-worth after listing his biggest achievement in life to date as finishing the Guitar Hero song ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ once on hard difficulty.

The 29-year-old IT worker was having a few drinks at a bar with friends when the conversation turned to life achievements.

After his friends listed their careers as doctors, lawyers, traveling the world and volunteering for the homeless as their achievements, the bumbling gamer listed his accomplishment as finishing the notoriously hard Guitar Hero song on the hard difficulty.

While his friends silently judged Smith, he went on to explain his answer to the question.

“Don’t you guys remember how hard that level was? I used that score to apply to audition for a few bands as the lead guitarist,” he told them enthusiastically. “None of them called me back, but I think that’s probably because they thought I was too experienced.”

One of his friends spoke to Aimbot Media about the incident outside the bar in the smoker’s area.

“The guy has the personality of a tree stump,” he told us. “I’m not surprised he still holds on to that game like it’s 2007. I’m pretty sure he still has the guitar controller in his bedroom beside his bed.”

“I’m not going to lie, that conversation left me feeling a little flat,” Darren admitted. “I felt a bit better after remembering a quote about artists rarely being appreciated by their own generation though.”

“Plus, I wanted them to feel good about themselves – if I’d really wanted to outshine them, I’d tell them about the time I bowled 300 in Wii Sports.”

At the time of press, Darren was seen unsuccessfully asking several different women at the bar if they’d be interested in coming back to his place for a few rounds of ‘Knights of Cydonia’.

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