Local Kid Pleased To Know Grandfather Was A Gamer After Finding Call Of Duty Helmet In His Basement

A 12 year old kid has today been made extremely proud by finding out his late Grandfather was a gamer like himself.

The family were clearing out the house of the Grandfather who passed away last week, aged 87.

Among the stacks of decades worth of paperwork, newspapers and magazines was a M1 Helmet in a decent condition, which was found by the young child.

“Wow, Grandpa was a gamer too!” he exclaimed excitedly, while holding the helmet in awe.

His father tried to explain to him that the helmet was used in World War 2, however the kid was not buying it.

“No, I’ve seen these helmets in Call of Duty and for sale in the Activision store,” he said to his father. “I wonder if he ever got a nuke.”

The child, who regularly tells other players that he has sexual intercourse with their mothers over his headset, wondered if he ever played a game against his Grandpa.

“I bet I would have owned him,” he chuckled.

The Grandson will pay tribute to his Grandfather this weekend by playing some vintage video games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Skyrim.

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