A local man has taken full advantage of the weekend League extension by spending half a day with his fiancée.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that the extension couldn’t have come at a better time.

“She’s been nagging me for the last few weekends about going and doing something together,” he explained. “She knows I have Weekend League though, and how important that is.”

“I mean, having a partner is great and all, but she’s not doing anything to help me grind towards that TOTY Kevin De Bruyne.”

“One weekend she got really cranky,” he continued. “I told her that I’d already redeemed my entry and I had to at least hit Silver 1 for next weekend, but she didn’t seem to care.”

“She said something about needing to choose between her and the game, but I didn’t really hear her as I was 2 goals down in a very winnable game.”

The man said that the extra 24 hours of Weekend League allowed him to generously dedicate half of Sunday afternoon to a romantic trip to the beach.

“It was really pleasant,” he said. “She got to enjoy the sun, and I was able to grind out some repeatable SBC’s on my phone.”

“Hopefully it keeps her off my back for a little while.”

The man’s fiancée was unavailable for comment, as she was not in at the time of the interview.

“Oh, she’s off with her friend James,” the man explained. “They’ve gotten really close, which is nice. She spends a lot of time with him.”

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