New Fighting Game Criticized For Not Having Character That Has Ripped Off Bruce Lee

Critics everywhere have slammed a newly released fighting game after it was revealed that there was no fighter who is a blatant rip off of Bruce Lee.

The game, called Fighting Brothers Pro Combat Calibre, is the latest entry into the genre and was reportedly aiming to tackle industry giants such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Produced by EA, trailers and advertisements hailed the game as revolutionary, proclaiming a new generation of the classic fighting genre that has been a gaming staple for over 30 years.

However, early access reviewers unanimously called for the game to be pulled from the shelves for the unforgivable transgression.

IGN has dished out their lowest rating since the first edition of No Man’s Sky, rating the game a measly 9.5/10, labelling it ‘woeful’ and ‘a disgrace’ for having a shred of originality in the games’ fighter roster.

In an attempt to reduce the controversy surrounding the game, EA has announced that they will be including a Bruce Lee themed character in the game’s first DLC, which is expected to be available for only $49.95.

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