Pokemon Battle Music Begins Playing At Walmart After Man Bumps Into High School Rival

A man’s weekend visit to the local Walmart store has turned into a standoff worthy of the Pokemon League after bumping into his high school rival in the Nintendo Switch games aisle, an indifferent employee at the Entertainment counter has confirmed.

Last Saturday morning, Joshua Dursley went to the Walmart in downtown Honolulu with his family that he was visiting for the weekend and decided to check out what Nintendo Switch games were on special and move the EA games behind other titles so they couldn’t be found.

However, while telling a random passerby that The Witcher 3 is an underrated gem, a familiar and unwelcome figure appeared from around the corner.

“I was having a good morning with the family. It was really nice to see them,” Dursley told a bunch of kids outside the store who recorded the incident and were uploading it to TikTok. “Then I bumped into my high school rival who really put a damper on the day.”

After the high school rival noticed Dursley, Pokemon battle music began playing from the Walmart speakers in a freak coincidence.

“Yeah it was pretty crazy. He’s lucky he didn’t challenge me,” the man spoke confidently. “I live on the mainland now, so my Pokemon are much stronger. I have a level 67 Blastoise. I would be surprised if he had anything more than a level 12 Rattata.”

“At least it was the battle music from the Gen 1 games, I am a purist and they are definitely the best games in the series. I still miss my copy of Pokemon Red that I lost when I was younger.”

In response to the incident, the rival said that he was going to go home and play the Pokemon Red that he had ‘borrowed’ from Dursley in the 4th grade.

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