Pokemon League Champion Diantha Toppled By Youngster Joey's Rattata

Kalos Champion Diantha has been toppled by a surprising and unexpected contender for her Pokemon League Championship earlier today.

Youngster Joey, who is famous for having a top percentage Rattata, made the landmark victory with his level 6 rodent Pokemon.

The spectacular battle raged on for over 30 minutes, with Diantha’s 6 high leveled Pokemon unable to take down the Rattata who showed amazing grit and toughness despite its low level.

After taking down Diantha’s last Pokemon, a mega Gardevoir, she conceded defeat to the new Pokemon master.

Youngster Joey’s Rattata has rightfully earned its spot in the top percentage of all Rattata.

Even though Diantha is considered the weakest of the Pokemon League Champions, the feat is still truly remarkable.

Joey was not gracious in victory and wouldn’t shut up about his damn Rattata.

After the victory, Joey was seen calling several people to tell them about his godlike Rattata.

Rumors are circling the Pokemon community that Joey will now head to the Sinnoh region to challenge Cynthia, the Pokemon League Champion there.

Cynthia is seen as a much stronger champion so will be the ultimate test for the young trainer.

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