Report: Every Single Uncle Worked For Nintendo In The 90's, Except Yours

A new report has revealed that Nintendo was the biggest employer in the world in the 90’s, with every child having an uncle who worked for the gaming giant, except you of course.

The report, published by Nintendo themselves, comes after children around the world searched for years for the fabled Mew under the truck to no avail.

This news will not come as a surprise to you of course, as you were told by many kids at school that their Uncles worked for the Japanese gaming company.

Rumors circulated classrooms and playgrounds, with Uncles telling children across the world that Mew was under that truck.

All you needed was 6 Pokemon with the Strength HM to push it away, and Mew would be underneath.

Without the internet at children’s disposal, playground murmurs began before quickly escalating into Krakatoa sized eruptions.

Many recesses and lunch breaks were wasted trying to move the truck, all to catch the elusive 151st Pokemon.

What these Uncles did at their jobs is still unclear, but we assume they were all hired just to tell their nephews where Mew was in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow due to the lack of information sharing that we have today.

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