A prominent streamer has caused controversy by interrupting his pack opening to play a Division Rivals match.

“Everything was going so well,” the streamer lamented. “I’d opened about 200 pounds worth of packs and I’d just packed TOTY Robertson.”

“I’m a die-hard Liverpool fan so I wanted to give him a go. So I chucked him into my squad and queued up for a game.”

“It was only when I saw the chat explode and the viewer count drop that I realised mistake,” he continued.

“Everything was going so well. I’d even managed to get my thumbnail sorted!”

Fans of the streamer were furious, and those who didn’t immediately close the stream only stayed long enough to voice their displeasure in the chat.

‘I logged on to watch FIFA being played as EA intended,’ wrote one viewer. ‘Someone spending exorbitant amounts of money to pack useless SBC fodder.’

‘This sucks,’ another message read. ‘If I wanted to see someone suck at FIFA, I’d play a game myself.’

A video of the stream in question, with the offending match edited out, has been uploaded to YouTube and viewed nearly two hundred thousand times.

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