Trump Seeks Military Strategy From Barron After Seeing Him Get A Nuke In Call Of Duty

Donald Trump, the president of The United States of America has solicited military tactics and advice from his youngest son, Barron Trump, after seeing him get a tactical nuke in Call of Duty.

The 13 year old impressed his father when he managed to get the 30 kill streak on the Xbox version last night after doing his homework.

The President was in the living room tweeting nonsensical garbage when Barron managed the feat.

“Fuck me, you pwned those noobs” Trump remarked to his son after witnessing the feat.

The President, who skipped the draft during the Vietnam War, brought Barron into the White House Situation Room this morning to speak to his top Generals.

Barron assisted the Generals with loadouts and the best places to camp for the United States Military.

During the meeting, Barron also showed the room his YouTube and Twitch channels, which the Generals are now subscribed to.

Trump tweeted out that the meeting was a roaring success, and the full force of the United States Military would now be following the advice on any future missions.

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