Twitch Streamer Who Hasn't Left House In A Month Not Too Worried About Coronavirus

A local Twitch streamer who has not left his house in over a month has reassured his viewers that they don’t need to worry about the Coronavirus.

The declaration came on the gamer’s stream today after a viewer expressed their concern about upcoming tournaments being cancelled with more travel bans being implemented daily as the virus spreads.

“I’m not too worried about the Coronavirus, to be honest,” he told his audience of 120 viewers. “I guess I just have to be careful about catching it from the Uber Eats driver.”

“So many people from school have mocked me for staying inside playing video games all the time,” he continued. “Little did they know that while they were cavorting with the disease-ridden Stacey’s of the world, I’d be safe and sound in my little room.”

“The only thing I really have to worry about is choking on these delicious tendies!” he laughed.

The streamer’s audience dwindled into double digits after the comments, before the streamer suggested that a giveaway would be coming up in an effort to keep viewers engaged.

The streamer then used the opportunity to spruik his latest Patreon tier.

“Go grab your mum’s credit card, kids,” he said. “Remember, by the time she gets the bill, she’ll be too busy fighting off the virus to get you in trouble!”

Despite the man’s best efforts, a recent viewing of his Patreon page revealed that his Patreons count remained at zero.

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